Meditation is the art of being.

Through meditation we come closer to experience the essence of ourselves, the space of infinite truth and beauty.

Meditation is the heart of yoga, any authentic yoga practice leads on a journey to deep meditation. And meditation is the very essence of tantra, where any everyday activity can lead us to pierce mundane reality and find sacredness at the core of every experience.

In my classes and retreats, I share silent sitting meditation practices opening us to the ever-present background stillness within ourselves, as well as active tantric meditations that harness the power of energy to transform our being.

Meditation awakens us to who we truly are.


Yoga is the discipline of awakening and transformation.

My yoga journey started with mostly physical practice and slowly took me deeper and deeper to recognizing the very nature of existence.

Yoga opened and healed my body, expanded my perception to the dimension of subtle energies, and made me aware of the infinite wondrous universe within every one of us.

I offer tantric yoga classes and retreats, where through powers of awareness and energy I lead my students to empowerment and freedom.


Tantra is a love affair with existence.

Tantra celebrates life in all its beauty and embraces every experience as a door to spiritual opening and transformation.

The path of tantra is ecstatic, where the journey within is punctuated with opening to deeper layers of blissful energy and awareness.

My tantric path has been a wild ride. It left nothing untouched, exposing all my wounds and shadows, bringing me to unimaginable heights of ecstasy and helping me to stay present through the depths of despair.

I have been blessed with masters, teachers, and partners who through their presence and compassion led me on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

I offer tantric meditations, rituals, and retreats where power of presence and heart leads to spaces of expanded consciousness and love.

I also offer individual sessions combining tantric ritual and bodywork for healing, empowerment, and awakening.


I sometimes feel that I have lived through several lifetimes. Originally from Belarus, with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, I worked for many years in the high-tech industry, only to embark on a new life journey as a spiritual seeker and teacher after a profound spiritual awakening.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 2008, traveling extensively, receiving deep transmission from the lineages of the spiritual masters Osho and Ramana Maharshi. I have studied for many years with several modern masters, and I am especially grateful to Ma Ananda Sarita for the teachings of tantra, and to Sahajananda for the teachings of Hridaya yoga and meditation.

I have been teaching meditation, yoga, and tantra internationally since 2016. I am passionate about sharing practices and understanding with his students. In my teaching I bring the unique fusion of going deep into meditation and at the same time fully embracing life in all its beauty.


  • HRIDAYA YOGA AND MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING - a deep and beautiful transmission of Heart, Presence, and Stillness  from   Sahajananda (600+ hours of instruction).
  • TANTRA ESSENCE TEACHER TRAINING - a powerful and transformative two-year training process crafted by the Tantra Master Ma Ananda Sarita.
  • TANTRIC BODYWORK TRAINING WITH TANTRA ESSENCE - a month-long immersion (200+ hours), followed by additional studies and extended practice.



Del Mar, California, USA